Morgan Management Consultants servicesOur science-based training transforms organizations by aligning individual strengths and potential with corporate values and purpose – increasing productivity, profitability, sustainability, and personal fulfillment.

Every organization is different and faces different challenges. We specialize in the human side of organizations.  Our service options address organizational concerns and align with corporate values.  For unique situations, we can also create a custom workshop or other service to meet a need not covered by those we list here.  Contact us to discuss your concerns and how MMC can help your organization.

Communication Effectiveness Training – Communication is key to sustainability, efficiency, effectiveness, and success. We promote assertive skills, a win-win attitude, and a no blame – no shame approach.  Our communication training builds positive relationships essential for corporate success and enhances the ability for organizations to change with the times.

Motivational Intelligence – An awareness of the drive or motivation in others, and sensitivity to their motivating emotions, is necessary for effective management and leadership. However, it’s often missing in not only managers and executives, but throughout organizations.  Our Motivational Intelligence training is about tapping into the existing motives unique to each person.

Leadership Training – Leadership is about pursuing opportunities and leading people to a better place. With weak leadership, people will resist change.  Our Leadership Training is about building trust and loyalty in others with the vision of a better future.

Management Training – It is a common practice to promote the best performing employees. The challenge for managers is to accomplish goals through other people’s efforts.  Our Management Training is about the increased productivity, pride, personal fulfillment, and wellbeing of employees.  Learn techniques for building positive one-on-one relationships between managers and employees.

Team Building – Learning to recognize and appreciate the various talents, interests, and perspectives of the others in a team or work group makes for effective collaboration, role clarification, and productivity. Our Team Building workshop promotes positive relationships among team members, showing you how to get your people to work well with each other.

Career Coaching, Job Crafting and Managing Up – These services are for shaping your professional future.  How to move up in your current career, pursue your dream, or find your best option for a new career.  We help clients discover their innate talents and untapped potential to transform their dreams into goals.  Equally important is the accountability for action built into our approach.

Mastermind Circle Facilitation – MMC facilitates Mastermind Circles to promote strategic discussions and insure full participation by all circle participants. We can facilitate   “Professional Circles” of individuals in the same profession, as well as “Aspiration Mastermind Circles”, composed of unassociated participants focusing on their individual pursuits.  We also facilitate “Classical Mastermind Circles” to address organizational issues by capitalizing on the organization’s collective knowledge and experience.

Executive Coaching – Leaders can benefit from working with a Certified Executive Coach to help them reflect on their situations. By asking strategic questions, listening, observing, and reflecting on the expressed feelings, we open the space for self-discovery and new insights.  Our questions tend to broaden the array of possible actions and unanticipated outcomes.  Coaching is available on-site, in our Clarion office, and by telephone.

Anger Management and Assertiveness Training– We address both of these needs by working either in groups or one-on-one, dealing with individual situations for participants to learn new skills for dealing with stressful situations.

Conflict Management – Conflict exits in all organizations. Dealing with egos, emotions, insecurities and personality traits can be a hidden drain on profitability.  Our training addresses underlying issues, and teaches effective communication skills to improve working relationships.

Keynote Speakers and Presenters – MMC can provide speakers for your group or event – utilizing our consultants and other professionals – on a variety of subjects, such as leadership, motivation, positive psychology, education, and related topics.

Retreat Planning – To focus on an issue, brainstorm solutions, plan projects, or learn new skills, it can be more effective to move to a controlled environment where there are no distractions. We have experience planning and/or conducting one day, two-day and three-day retreats for small and medium sized groups.  We assist organizations in planning events and can provide training and other activities, or facilitate the event from beginning to end.

Attitude, Talent and Strength Assessments – We know about our weaknesses, but attitudes, talents and strengths are often more difficult for us to identify in ourselves.  We use a variety of assessment tools to provide objectivity in revealing these “blind spots” and help clients gain confidence and the ability to “manage-up”, by showing how they can utilize their strengths to contribute to the company’s mission.

Corporate Culture Surveys – Organizational culture affects employee turnover, productivity, product quality, safety, client relationships and, ultimately, an organization’s success. MMC uses a proprietary survey to accurately gauge employee engagement and satisfaction, and to discover organizational strengths and areas needing attention.

Organizational Development – In our rapidly changing world, organizations change or perish. Any change in one part of an organization precipitates change in other parts, if the organization is to function properly.  We apply research findings from organizational behavior and positive psychology in our Organizational Development system, which is composed of six components: Organizational Leadership, Managerial Leadership, Team Leadership, Career Empowerment, Mastermind Circles, and Conflict Management.

Customized Workshops and Services – The MMC services listed here cover a broad range of organizational needs—one size does not fit all. Our consultants can develop customized workshops or a series of workshops – and bring in additional experts, if necessary – to address specific needs.  Contact us to explore the many possible training options to increase your productivity, profitability, sustainability, and personal fulfillment.