Morgan Management Consultants programsLeadership by Objectives (LBO) is the organizational empowerment program MMC utilizes.  LBO enhances strategic planning, employee motivation, and performance.  It improves communication, increases understanding and acceptance of organizational goals, focuses on organizational objectives, and emphasizes results rather than activities.

Leader Effectiveness Training (LET)  Leadership is about taking risks, pursuing opportunities, and leading people to a better place. Without effective leadership, people will resist change.  Our Leadership Training is about building trust and loyalty in others.

Team Effectiveness Training (TET)   Team effectiveness is about promoting positive relationships between team members. Learning to recognize and appreciate the various talents, interests, and perspectives of others in a team or work group makes for effective collaboration, role clarification, and productivity.  This training shows you how to get people to work well with each other.

Executive Coaching – Executives can benefit from an objective coach to question, listen, observe and help them reflect on their situations. These sessions promote self-discovery and reveal potential actions for the desired outcomes.  Coaching is available on-site, in our Clarion office, and by telephone.