About Us

An Evidence-Based Approach:

Long ago sociologists and psychologists proved that money is not an effective motivator, yet employers continue operating under the assumption that it does.   Our programs are influenced by the work of top business thinkers and groundbreaking research.  We draw from the research of many disciplines, including Organizational Behavior, Human Motivation, Positive Psychology, Communication, and Leadership Training.  Our consultants hold graduate degrees and professional experience in Administration, Management, Leadership, and Psychology.

Don Morgan, Ph.D. founded Morgan Management Consulting to provide busy executives with insight and systems to more effectively lead their organizations.  Dr. Morgan developed the acclaimed organizational empowerment program Leadership by Objectives.  He is a Leader Effectiveness Trainer certified by Thomas Gordon, a national consultant certified by Performax Systems,and a Greening of Relationships Facilitator certified by Tressler Associates.

Dr. Morgan began his career as a high school athletic coach. During those eight years, it became his nature to be totally candid.  Candor is a premium during a one-minute timeout.  There was no time for anything but straight talk.

After a two-year stint as principal of Amana High School in Iowa, Dr. Morgan joined the staff as a consultant with the Iowa Educational Information Center.  IEIC was a consortium of the U.S. Office of Education, the Iowa State Department of Public Instruction, Measurement Research Corporation, and the University of Iowa.  One of his charges was to study “various types of human behavior.”  The target populations were school drop-outs, juvenile delinquents, under-achievers, vocational disorientation, student leaders, and creative students.  While at the University of Iowa, Dr. Morgan earned a Ph.D. in Educational Administration.

In 1968 he accepted a professorship as a consultant and Assistant Director of the Research-Learning Center at Clarion University.  There he directed a federally funded ESEA Title III program promoting innovations in elementary and secondary schools and taught management classes in the College of Business.  He also served as a guest instructor for graduate classes at Penn State University, and worked for the Pennsylvania Office of Education as a school improvement consultant and as a competency-based educational consultant to universities in the state.

Dr. Morgan diagnoses problems and implements solutions in the human side of business through observation, cooperative planning, training, and evaluation.  He attributes his success as a Quality Improvement Facilitator to his participative style of drawing on the experience and knowledge of clients’ employees.  As a school administrator, he was results oriented and introduced job enrichment and participative management approaches with the faculty and worked to empower the employees under his supervision.

His client list includes many corporations, 11 universities, 2 State Departments of Education, a law firm and over one hundred other nonprofit entities, mostly educational institutions, churches, and a hospital.  He has edited training manuals and promotional materials for several companies.

Patricia Morgan, Ph.D. began her consulting career in 1977 when, as member of a large national union, she was chosen as a trainer to teach grievance reps from other locals about union management protocol and how to file grievances.  She was elected chairperson of a 200-member local union, where her leadership skills became noticed.  She subsequently took a leave from her job and became a full-time college student, graduating summa cum laude with a degree in business in 1981.

Dr. Morgan is certified as both a Leader Effectiveness Trainer and a Performax Systems Consultant.  While working as an independent consultant, she earned a master’s degree in education and a bachelor’s degree in psychology.  She accepted a scholarship to study psychology at Duquesne University where she earned a second master’s degree (psychology) and a doctor of philosophy degree in clinical psychology.

She taught college classes in both general and developmental psychology, and study skills, worked in the university counseling center, and was a part-time psychotherapist in a private practice.  Her 680-page Ph.D. thesis was about the lived experiences of seven young mothers who had undergone mastectomies.  After her Ph.D. (2001), she completed a two-year internship as lead therapist for a family-based mental health program.  She is now a licensed clinical psychologist, providing executive coaching and organizational effectiveness consulting at Morgan Management Consulting.